Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 128

Hops went to the trial again with us today and was as usual a very good puppy. After we came home we had a puppy party with seven other dogs coming over to play, making the total ten dogs, all playing nicely. What fun! We had four small dogs, a Portuguese water dog, an adult BC and Taffy added to our own three. Hops played great with everyone and came right away every time I called him! He also had no problem staying for photos : ) What a good puppy!


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For dinner everyone had a shaping lesson. I decided to take a break from shaping them to go all the way around a plunger (I must admit, I am a little bored from doing it everyday) and switched to shaping the dogs to go under a chair. Well Hops had it in just a few clicks, I was quite impressed. By the end of the sessions, Dillon was purposefully putting his head on the ground near/under the chair, Rice was purposefully putting his head and elbows under the chair, and Hops could go under, on cue, if I was ten feet away from the chair and if the orientation and location of the chair was changed. What a good, smart puppy!

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