Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 133

Hops went with me to get the oil changed in my car and was really good when we were waiting our turn in the lobby. I used the time to practice sits, downs and stands in heel, we practiced going into heel, side, finish and front positions. Then sat down and we practiced visit, fix it, and “nose” (balance a cookie on your nose). He did great with them all and for the first time was able to balance the cookie all on his own! We then walked across a large intersection to walk to target. We did not stay long because they did not have what I wanted but Hops did a great job heeling with me in the store and was not bothered by all the sights and sounds.He was also very good about heeling in the parking lot and side walks. He did get distracted by a crow but I was quickly able to get him refocused on me. The heavy traffic did not bother him at all.


When we came home all four boys played hard in the yard while I caught up on this blog! They took turns playing for the most part. At one point Rice was chasing Hops as hard as he could. They were about the same speed but Hops could turn on a dime and be off the other direction before Rice even realized what had happened! : ) Fun to watch! When we came inside I did another frog lesson with Hops and he was able to get into position several time and stay in it for awhile. 


For dinner Hops had a bunch of short training sessions for the camera. We started with the frog position, then did circles around the plunger in both directions, then did perch work to come into heel, then putting things in a basket, then touching a target with his foot. He did great will everything!

Oops, both plunger videos were clockwise!

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