Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 130

HopsFF1gradphoto.jpg-6Hops entertained himself this morning then went with me to work. He was very quiet in the crate during the hour lesson that I taught. Then he went with me to the bank and the pet store and was very well behaved in both places. When had taken Sammy (the Portie) home from the lesson and he will be staying with us until Friday. Renee came over with Taffy and a four month old white shepherd she is watching and all six dogs played very nicely together.


For Hops’s dinner I did a shaping lesson for the Manner’s Minder (MM). First shaping him to put his head in a basket which was easy. I could move the basket around the room and he would go and put his head in it right away. Then I put a cup out and he was easily able to pick that up for a cookie from the MM, but combining the two behaviors together was not something he was able to do with the distraction of the MM. Even though he has done the behavior in another setting he did not make the connection. I could see the go around behavior is still strong through because he was able to carry the cup around the basket! For the rest of his dinner Hops reviewed the basics doing heels, sides, fronts, finishes, sits, downs, stands, backs, rolls, say hellos, touches and I worked on teaching bang and bow. He is a smart puppy!

HopsFF1gradphoto.jpg HopsFF1gradphoto.jpg-3
HopsFF1gradphoto.jpg-2 HopsFF1gradphoto.jpg-4


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