Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 134

20130309_131705-1-120130309_131751Hops went to the trial with us today and as usual was a good puppy. He met lots of other dogs and was polite and friendly with all of them. He of course loved every person he met and was pretty good about sitting, though he certainly still tries to sneak a jump in! I left Hops with a couple of people he did not know well or at all for a short time and he was very calm and had no problem with me being away from him. Hops also got to play with his sister Colleen so that was cool. They had lots of fun running in a big field behind Argus. Hops was really good about his recalls, coming every time I called him even, when chasing his sister.
At home Hops played in the yard with the boys and we practiced recalls and distance downs. He did a great job with the recalls and the downs, even downing when my back was turned and I was talking to another dog! Then I put the boys away, tried to play fetch with Hops with a frisbee, and discovered that the frisbee supposedly has different rules than the ball. The ball he brings right back, the frisbee he keeps for himself! So I put him on a long leash and helped him come back when called, he got the idea right away and started bringing the frisbee back to me. Good puppy!

Later Jeremiah was using the wheelbarrow in the yard to move gravel and when it was empty he offered Hops a ride. Hops had no fear of riding in it and in fact, from then on he asked to ride in it whenever it was empty. Fun puppy!

Jeremiah did a short training lesson for dinner consisting on sits, downs, stands and backing up and Hops did a good job for him.

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