Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 67

Hops had a big day today. We woke up early so Jeremiah could take sunrise photos. After that then breakfast we took the boys to Celebration Park in Federal Way and walked the trails for almost 2 hours. Hops did great and surprised up both by how confident he was. I had him on a twenty foot leash and a harness and he was out at the end of it pulling for at least a third of the walk! He came every time either of us called him and was a pleasure to walk. He loved it when part of the pack ran ahead and he got to chase them!


After we came home, my friend Kristen and her two dogs Callie and Da Vinci came over for a play date. It is always fun to watch puppies play and make new friends!

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Hops stayed at home with Jeremiah when I went to work in the afternoon and he said that Hops was quiet in his crate the entire time, even with him banging around in the garage. Good puppy!

It is official! Hops turned four months yesterday and today he lost his first tooth! He measured in at 16 inches tall and 19 pounds today!

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