Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 81

Hops was just about perfect in his recalls today while I played fetch with Rice and Dillon. At first I would only call him when he was close to me and I would immediately release him. As the session went on I started calling him when he was already on his way back and almost back (in the middle of chasing Dillon though), then when he was further away, then just before Dillon grabbed the ball and started back, then when Dillon was nearing the ball, and by the end of the session I was able to call him off of Dillon when he was in full chase after him! Woohoo! After awhile I put the boys inside and played fetch with Hops. At first I just threw the ball, then I held his collar, threw the ball and sent him out to it. He was perfect and brought the ball directly back to me every time. I also rewarded him with a treat every time.

I looked outside to see if the dogs were ready to come in and see Hops lying on the chair, just watching the yard.

He spotted me!
Time for posing!
And more posing! Good boys!

For Hops’s dinner, I played the “Bermuda Triangle Game”. I had a crate, a bed and a tall stool arranged in a triangle and I sent him form one to the other. Bed meant go to the mat and down, kennel meant go into the kennel and around meant go around the stool. I always supported the object I was naming with appropriate body language (inside hand, shoulders facing object). He did a great job with the game. Then we did some perch work, then I had him get in and on a bowl, then we practiced roll over and he was able to do it while I remained standing and we ended with some heel and side work. He was great with everything we practiced tonight.