Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 79

Hops once again went with us to the trial and did great. On the way home we stopped by some horses. He was afraid but was able to eat treats off the ground right in front of the horses and was literally nose to nose with one of them as he was eating the treats. I love how curious and friendly so many horses are! I definitely need to continue to socialize him to livestock. Big dogs he does great with but horses are still intimidating!


Before the sun went down I took Hops on a walk for a little over an hour around the neighborhood near us. He did a really good job with the cars and barking dogs. We saw some people but he only met one, Vanilla’s owner (an 8wk old cockapoo we met). He was really friendly and calm with the puppy and the owner. He also had no problem doing moving sits, downs and stands while on the walk and responded to his name well. He spent most of the time out at the end of his six foot leash, pulling very lightly on his harness but would continue to check in.


All the boys were tired after a long day!

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