Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 71

Hops can now easily and calmly stay on the mat by the backdoor while I go out of sight to the pantry to where the dog food is kept. After feeding him a little breakfast and letting him play around the house on his own for awhile I tried to play a game of fetch with him. I sat on the ground at on end of the house with a mat in front of me then a mat at the end of the hall at the other end of the house. I threw the ball down the hall : ) and Hops retrieved it twenty times before he stopped brining it directly back to me! Wow! What a good puppy!


All three boys and Jeremiah and I went to my parents house for dinner. Hops loved all the attention from my family that he knew and from the family he had not met before. He was calm around the cat again, was great about leaving the food alone that was at nose level and he was able to chill quietly with Rice and Dillon while the humans ate dinner.


Before bed I shaped Hops to get in and on a new box that was about four inches high. He was able to offer both behaviors but getting on was much easier for him then getting in.

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