Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 74

Hops had breakfast out of a food toy today then a little later Taffy came over to play. They ran around and chased and wrestled then I had Hops do some long down stays while I did chores. He did great with that and just ended up falling asleep.


We went to my parents house for dinner because some friends of their wanted to see the dogs do nosework. Well the boys sure showed off! Rice and Dillon found all five hides right away and Hops was right behind them! He had no problem searching in a new area and was very focused. He went from room to room on him own, going ahead of me without a problem. He also sat or downed at each source, what a puppy! He found odor in a slipper, under a cabinet door, on the edge of a bathtub, on the leg of an exercise machine, on a plastic box, on the leg of a table, on a chest and on a bench. The only one he really had to search for was the table leg hide. He never stopped though, kept going until he found it! Hops was also great with meeting new people and he chewed quietly on his chewie while everyone ate dinner.


For dinner Hops had a training lesson starting with getting in and on a bowl then shaping him to get into smaller and smaller boxes, ending with him in a 8X6 inch box. Good puppy! Then he did some pushups with back and roll and touch mixed in and he rarely make a mistake, he seems to know all those words now. Then I had him retrieve a small and a large plastic cup, a plastic lid, a large metal and rubber clip, an old plastic cell phone, a toilet paper roll, a plastic dumbbell and a timer then Jeremiah had him do the same for him. He performed better for me, always going right for the item and returning to my hand. He dropped some of the items but always picked them back up again. He was not as focused with Jeremiah, trying to chew on some of the items instead of retrieving them.

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