Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 85

Hops left with Jeremiah in the morning to go take photos and Jeremiah said he was a good puppy. When they joined us at the Rose City Classic trial later they rode a bus because the parking lot was full (it is a very large dog show with lots of public attendance). Jeremiah said he was a little afraid of getting on the bus but loving being on it and watching and sniffing all the people and dogs going by and that he was not afraid on the way back and seemed to love riding on the bus. This was the busiest and loudest environment Hops has been in and it did not disturb him one bit. He loved watching all the people and dogs, but he did not get fixated, no hard stares, just soft curiosity. If he was in my lap and there was someone sitting next to me he usually ended up in their lap! He just works his way over and he is so cute and sweet that everyone loves him. I love this pup too!

Hops's first time on a bus.
Hops's second time on a bus.
Hops loving up on stranger's laps.

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