Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 83

Hops had a Manner’s Minder (MM) lesson for breakfast. I started with a few collar grabs to it then had him do hand touches, get in a bowl, get on a stool, and retrieve plastic rings to the MM. At first there was lots of talking to, pawing at and biting at the MM as I did not instruct him what to do, I shaped it. After he realized he had to do something away from the MM to get a treat from it he did a great job and stopped pawing at it. I was especially impressed with his retrieving. He seemed very happy to go pick up the ring and drop it at the MM.


Later Hops went to work with me and was once again a very good boy. He was quiet in the crate, great will all the dog and people he greeted between classes and he did a great, quick heeling demo. After classes he had a short play time with Rice, Riser, Seek and Cedar then went back in the crate while I taught one more lesson.


Proof Hops retrieves!

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