Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 68

Hops went to work with me and was a good boy again. He met a new BC friend, loved up on his human friends, played with me, and snoozed and chewed in his crate. He was quiet for the most part though he fussed a couple of times near the end of classes. When I told him to be quiet though he did immediately.


When we came home, Hops played with Rice and Dillon in the yard then I put the boys in the house and I played with Hops outside. I brought out one of his favorite tug toys and started by just playing tug with him. Then I worked on being able to run away from him in a sit stay then call him to one side of me with the toy dangling on the other side. He made the correct choice about three fourths of the time and when he did I brought the tug to the side he came to and tugged with him. I also worked on doing some pulls and front crosses at speed, tugging with him if he ended up on the side he was supposed to. Pulling to the left was easier than to to right for some reason. He was fun to play with and boy is he fast already! He did get naughty once near the end of the session and nipped me on the heels. I stopped and told him no, that we do not do that! Then I put him on a sit stay and tried again. He did not nip again but I am sure this is something we will have to watch for!


I left Hops at home when the boys and I went to agility class and he had a blast playing with Jeremiah while we were gone. Jeremiah had Hops going to bed (he said he did great but could only go to the bed if he could see it), they worked on bang, rolling over and pushups and he did well with all of them. Jeremiah also had Hops playing fetch with a tennis ball! Real fetch! Running across the house to chase it and brining it right back. Even picking it back up if he dropped it! Good puppy! Hops also met the Swan’s guy and was good for that. The only thing Hops did not do well was back, but that is because it is still context specific (he is best with a foot target behind him and I have been on the ground, he does not know it as well if I am standing) and Jeremiah did not know that.


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