Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 70

Hops had his breakfast in a food toy and in the afternoon Taffy came over for a play date. They ran around and played like mad for about an hour then Renee and I took them to a small local park. They were both a little spooked when we first arrived because there was a dog behind a fence fear barking, but they settled in and quickly forgot the barking when we came across a little boy and his mother. Hops was a little cautious but went up to the little boy (who was pretty calm) to say hello and he calmly greet the mom too. Then we walked the pups around the park and Hops was great for that. Some nearby crows caught his attention but when I called him to me after letting him watch them for a few moments he came right to me and was able to keep his focus on me. Then both puppies climbed on the playground equipment and when we walked to the shelter they walked along picnic table benches. An off leash dog came towards us and I picked Hops up because he did not look friendly. Luckily his owners came around the corner and were able to call him away.


Later we had to return a gift to Costco so I put Hops’s new little backpack on him (empty of course) and took him in with us. He was wonderful, just watched and took everything in stride. He was easily able to focus on me and do all his tricks in the busy environment.


Hops was brushed tonight and did a great job with keeping a stand while I brushed. There has been marked improvement with his stand stay.

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