Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 69

Hops had his breakfast out of a food toy and spent lots of time playing with Rice and Dillon this morning.

I took Hops to a park in Sumner before going to work today. He was able to play tug with me as soon as we got out of the car and he did a bunch of stays and comes with tugging as the reward. Then we walked across the park to the playground equipment and climbed all over it. Hops as usual had no fear of heights or of the surface under him moving (swaying bridge). He climbed up open mesh steps and slid down slides. He climbed up on a merry go round toy too and had no concern when I turned it! Good puppy!

Hops was good in the crate at work and greeted lots of dogs and people. He stood his ground and fearlessly greeted a huge Leonburger who crossed the room to say hello to him. I had a break in classes today so Hops had an outing to Petco and Home Depo. He was great in Petco, greeting people by wagging his body and sitting and he climbed on anything he could climb on. We tried putting booties on him, hoping for an entertaining show like Rice gave us when we first puts boots on him, but Hops just took them in stride and walked normally! No fun! He also had no problem wearing a small backpack we put on him. He is such a good puppy! He was great in Home Depo too, walking well and taking everything in stride. He offered a down on one of the carts and I pushed him around a little and he seemed to enjoy it! Which it should not have surprised me later when Hops decided he was ready to do a full size teeter on his own! I had just let him out of his crate and he ran over to it, up the plank, rode it down and stood at the end, looking up at me calmly for his cookie. Crazy good puppy!

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  1. What a cute picture of Hops. I can just see him running around and playing on the equipment like all kids should do!