Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 100!

DSC_5897Wow, 100 days with Hops already! Time has flown by but we have enjoyed every moment of this wonderful puppy!


We took a hike on the beach one more time on our way home today and what a success it was! The was a wide, shallow stream flowing into the ocean where we walked and we threw a tennis ball in for Rice and Dillon to retrieve over and over. After lots of running on the bank, wanting to chase his brothers but being to afraid to go in the water, Hops jumped in and ran after them! He did that multiple times and even went far enough to swim a few times! Yea! That is a big water breakthrough for him! Before he had only gone in because he was being left behind. He also met and played with a huge wolfhound puppy who was his age but bigger than Rice but Hops was not afraid.


Besides the short nosework session last night, most training this weekend has come from real life experiences. Hops met lots of new people and dogs, went on his first hike, ran on the beach for the first time, and swam outdoors for the first time. What was very important as well was all of the recall training. Over and over and over again on the trail and on the beach Jeremiah and I called Hops to us, rewarded him then released him. He always came and about 95% of the time came right away. What a great puppy he is!


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  1. I enjoyed your posts and pictures of your time on the beach. Those boys sure know how to pose for the camera. Nice that you got some sunshine - a rarity on the Oregon coast in winter!! And Happy Anniversary to you.