Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 102

843089_4736294280240_324855868_o Hops went to work with me today and stayed in the car during Dillon’s vet appointment and during the hour lesson I taught. After the lesson I took him into Mud Bay with me where he greeted lots of different men and women, sitting nicely for all of them, and then took him into the bank where he greeted some more people. He is getting much better about sitting when he first reaches people, but staying while people say hello is something to work on! On the way home we went through a car wash (first time for Hops) and he was interested but not at all afraid.

After we came home Taffy came over for a play date and she and Hops were so happy to see each other! They have not had a chance to play in awhile and play they did! They chased and wrestled and Hops even jumped all the way over her once! It is so fun to watch puppies play!

Later my dad and brother came over for dinner and Hops was very good with them and good during dinner.


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