Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 119

Hops went to an appointment with me this morning and was great. He walked nicely through the building and did a quiet down stay while munching on a kong during the appointment. He was very cute, if his kong rolled off his blanket he would go pick it up and bring it back to his blanket before lying down to chewing on it again. After my appointment I put his vest back on and took him to the Supermall for his first mall experience. We started at the carousel and he had no problem with that. He watched all the kids and stayed calm and heeled beautifully with me through the mall. We even walked through a construction zone and he was not afraid at all. We walked around for about a half hour then I put him in the car while I did some shopping.

Later Hops had his first two shaping lessons making a complete circle around a plunger. At first he offered lots of different behaviors with the plunger but he has started to figure out that going around it is what I want. After the shaping sessions we went outside to practice different foundation recalls. The recalls we did with toy distractions went mostly well but he did make a few mistake so we need to keep practicing! We ended with some sends around jump standards with tug as the reward and he did great with those.

Before bed Hops had a fun tug session with me then with Jeremiah.

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