Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 112

20130215_153030 Hops went to the trial with us today and as usual he was a great puppy. He loved up on everyone and when he was left with a friend while I worked a class he had no problem with it.

On the way home I stopped by some horses and Hops was even more brave than last time. He went up to the horse and was even nose to nose.


After we came home I played fetch with Dillon while Hops chased him, then I played with Hops then took him on a walk in the adjacent neighborhood. He did great with the traffic, no fear, no fixations. He saw kids on scooters for the first time and did well with those too. He was a little overwhelmed when a man walking behind us caught up to us at the same time another man stood up from behind a bush. He did not bark or try to run but his tail tucked and his ears went back. A second later he was fine but it definitely caught him off guard! He also spend some time with two little girls we came across. They talked to us for awhile and petted Hops and gave him treats. He was unsure at first but became more comfortable, relaxing in a down by the end.


We did some nosework container searches before bed. Hops got them all but was not as focused as usual for some reason…

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