Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 121

Hops had a shaping lesson of going all the way around the plunger for breakfast then he stayed with Jeremiah during my first workshop and he was given a good report. Jeremiah brought him to me for the second one so he could do demos. He greeted a bunch of students first, loving them all of course. Hops was very good in his crate during the workshop (2 hours) and did wonderful recall demos. After the workshop he and Ali (his Great Dane friend) were turned loose together. They had not seem each other in awhile but they remembered each other and got right to playing! They are the same age but boy is Ali bigger now! Hops is much faster though and literally ran circles around her!


Hops had another shaping lesson for dinner. He is doing 180 degree turns around the plunger no problem now but he is stuck there and is so far unable to make the next turn on his own. Dillon is the only one of the three dogs who has been able to turn away from me to complete the circle around the plunger.

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