Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 115

Hops and his sister Love
Hops had a difficult time in the crate during the afternoon agility class so I put him in the car. I do not want him to practice biting the crate door! I think he is just still pent up from being crated all weekend. He did get a chance to chase Dillon chasing toys in the yard for awhile when we came home. During my second work shift he stayed in the car for the first class then came in and played with me, doing tunnels and tables and jump standards for tugging with me. He was then quiet during the next class then he had his fun and focus 2 class. He focused very well today, doing great when we reviewed recall to heel and moving sits and downs and did great when we introduced front crosses to the class. After class he and the other puppies had a very fun play session. There were two BC's, one sheltie, one aussie, and one poodle mix. Such fun to watch all the dogs get along and play! He then went home with Jeremiah who said he was a good puppy in the car and at home.

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