Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 104

Hops spent his morning playing with his toys and with Rice then I took him outside to play. I started by playing tug with him then I started sending him around jump standards to chase me then play tug. I did forward and lateral sends, front and rear crosses, pushes, post and reverse post turns with one and two jump standards. Boy is he fast and fun! Then I gave him a chewie and a bed and tied him down outside while I practiced dogwalks with Rice. Well, that did not go well as he ended up at the end of the tie down, pulling and crying. So I put him inside, finished Rice’s turn then gave him another try for Dillon’s turn. He did much, much better. There was only a little whining and he actually stayed in a down on the bed, never going to the end of the tie down. Wow! I returned to him and rewarded him frequently during Dillon’s turn and was amazed to find him still on the bed each time I looked. After Dillon’s turn I rewarded Hops by playing with him again. Then we went to work!




Hops was very good at work, only crying once and that was when my students asked for Rice to come out and do a weave demo. He quieted when I asked him to though. He greeted many people today, sitting at first fairly well, staying in a sit not so well ; ) He was also good with the dogs he greeted. He also had many short play times between classes, playing tug, walking along wobbly planks, doing chutes and tunnels and practicing sits and downs and stays and comes. After all the classes were over he had a very fun time playing with Tessa the aussie.

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