Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 114

Hops went with us to the nosework trial again today and had to spend hours in the crate again as well. Between elements with Rice I did get to walk Hops around and play with him and do some training with him. He met a couple of other dogs and some people and he was great with sitting for petting by the people. He also practiced moving sits, downs and stands as well as pushups, it’s your choice and the tricks he knows. He was also very willing to play tug and I had him do stays and recalls with tugging as the reward. He was a little fussy in the crate when we were in the car but was quiet when we left him. On the way home we gave him a food toy and he was good in the car. When we arrived home he was full of it! We played fetch then did recalls with him and he was still full of energy!

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