Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 96

Hops went to work with me and played tug and ran around the arena doing chutes and tunnels and tables before classes started. I tried rear crossing a straight tunnel again and he turned correctly every time. He was then quiet though the first class. He played with me a little again before the next class then was good in the crate the rest of the day.


When we came home Hops chased Rice round and round the yard which was great because he usually wants to chase Dillon and Rice loves being chased. He was full of energy when we came inside but I was not, so I had him do recalls to the manners minder. He loves the game and it definitely tires him out! It is also not hard on his body like fetch is and he is collecting nicely when he reaches it, stopping straight, his but not swinging out to either side. After he ate is kibble at the MM he came back to me for me to restrain him and let him go again to run to the MM.


I took Hops with me to the boys’ agility class so he was able to greet his sister and all the people there. He walked a course with me and showed off his go around skills by running around a large barrel to chase me. Blynn said he looks nice and balanced driving out of the turn. Good boy!


Before bed we did interior nosework hides. Hops is definitely improving, detailing more and is finding higher hides with much more ease. It looks like I should do a few more corner and threshold hides with him.

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