Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 116

20130219_172043Hops went with me to breakfast with a friend and met her then stayed in the car while we ate. He then went with me to work and was a good boy there. On the way home we stopped by the bank and the pet store and he was very well behaved in both places. Taffy came over for a play date when we came home and they had a blast racing around the yard then wrestling in the house. When they were finally tired Renee took Taffy home and I took Hops on an hour walk through the neighborhood (the photo is of a cool storm covering the mountain we saw while on our walk). We just walked for the first half of the walk then practiced rally moves the second half. He did a great job on the rally moves and heeling and focusing with all the distractions around him. When we returned from the walk Hops had fun chasing Dillon chasing balls in the yard. I practiced recalls with Hops during the play time and he was perfect.

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