Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 122

I did a quick shaping session of going all the way around the plunger then left for work. Hops had a short play time between my lesson and class but was fussier than normal in the crate. I think more and more he wants to be out playing with me! Especially if Rice or Dillon is out : )


When we went home for my break I played with hops in the backyard, doing all of Mary Ellen Barry’s foundation recalls and no go zone exercises. Hops did great on most of then but he needs more work with stopping in heel when there is no motion and stopping at me when I cross in from of him when he is heading toward a toy. All recalls were rewarded with his toy. After that I brought Dillon out and threw the ball for him and Hops chased him and came every time I called him. Every once in awhile Hops went for the ball and brought it back instead of Dillon! Good boy!


Hops went back to work with me for my second shift. He stayed in the car for the nosework class, then had a play time with me. He did stays and comes, moving sits and downs, practiced the table, ran through and did sends around jump standards and we played lots of tug as a reward! And during all of this tugging, Hops lost his last puppy tooth! He was then good in his crate for the next class then came out for his fun and focus two class. We started class with stays and comes to play tug, then did lead out pushes and 3 small sequences with jump standards, doing different types of front crosses, the table and the chute. We ended class with some time on balance disks. Hops was great at everything and focused very well on Jeremiah tonight. After class Hops and Love played and played and played! It is so fun to watch them wrestle run with each other! They loved it!

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