Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 124

Hops started his day with a play session with me at work, doing tunnels and chutes and tables and stays and comes for tugging as the reward. Then he was a little fussy in his during class, wanting to play too. After the first class he had another tug session with me then played with his dobie friend before her class started. After that he was good in the crate for the rest of the day. During one class he came out for a rear cross demo and did a great job rear crossing a jump standard and performing a rear cross on the flat.


When we came home all the dogs and I ran around the yard did recalls. Hops came when called well and loved running with everyone. He is getting either braver or stupider with Dillon though, nipping at his heels. Dillon has given him many warnings now but a big correction may be brewing, and deserved!


Hops went with me and Dillon to agility class where he greeted everyone with enthusiasm but was able to refocus on me if I asked him to. He went though some of his tricks for me and greeted Aqua the border collie nicely. He of course, peed when he greeted Elinda : )


Hops needed his nails trimmed so Jeremiah held him while I dremmel’ed his nails. He was good for the first two but fussy for the last two, granted we did not use any food… bad trainer!


Hops had a shaping session with going all the way around the plunger for his dinner. I ended the session by reviewing some of his basic cues: sit, down, stand, face, roll, touch, say hello, back then finished with some it’s your choice work. He was a good puppy!

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