Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 97

Hops had a long day at work with me today. He stayed in the car during my first lesson because there was odor out and he seemed fine when I went to get him. He was mostly quiet throughout the rest of the afternoon and evening, the few times he did complain he quieted when I asked him to. In between classes he played tug and fetch with me and did tunnels, chutes, planks, sends and tables. After classes he had a short, fun playtime with Rice, Seek, Cedar and Riser. Earlier in the day he also made a new friend, Edgar, a sweet, young Cavalier.


When we came home Jeremiah worked with Hops on the doughnut and peanut and he said he did very well and that he can even back up onto the peanut, almost doing a handstand! Good puppy!


Hops has been sleeping outside of his crate for a few nights now and has done very well. He has a bed and has been tied down to the crate which also separates him from Rice and Dillon so he does not try to play with them. He has been quiet and calm and has not chewed anything. He is growing up!

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