Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 113

Hops had a pretty boring day today because he was stuck in a crate at the nosework trial with us. He did very well, certainly fussing some but not too bad. When we finally got home we let him chase Dillon retrieving a frisbee then I played some frisbee with Hops, then I played with him by doing moving sits/downs/stands with release to come chase me. When we were running I changed my pace and did turns and crosses. He did great with all of them and loves to run with me! He was still not tired so Jeremiah and I called him back and forth, asking him to do behaviors for us for a cookie before being sent back to the other person. He was great with everything we asked him to do and even though we called him back and forth until the cookies were falling right back out of his mouth he still had energy!

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