Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 14

Hops started his morning with a game of fetch (kind of, I restricted his environment again) and tug, then we did shaping with different balance disks (he offers to interact right away now), then reps of stand, down, stand (I am lightly putting my hand under him when he stands so he does not walk forward, take side steps or sit).

Hops then went to his first full day at a trial with me (not just a visit) and was wonderful. He was once again passed around to many different people and he loved them all. He was also able to sit calmly on my lap and watch other dogs run, a very good agility skill to have! He met a couple of friendly dogs and played with a lab puppy. He did not mind the noise when he was inside the barn and he slept soundly in his crate in the car. What a puppy! Also, Daisy and Solar met Hops for the first time, Daisy loved him and loved all his brown! He was also able to heel, do touches and push ups at Argus which amazed me, the focus this puppy has!

For his dinner I did some body handling then Jeremiah did some it’s your choice with him, adding duration and he did great!

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