Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 34

Hops had a fun morning playing with Taffy then went to work with me. There he played a little with a male BC pup a few weeks older than him and said hello to many other dogs throughout the day. He did some demos of heeling and turns, crate games, hand targeting and push ups. As usual, between classes he pottied outside and ran around with me inside, doing recalls and playing tug and fetch (with coaxing). He was again a very good puppy. After work he ran through his first long dark tunnel. It was straight but it was at least a 20ft long tunnel. He loved it! Easily running through in both directions and on both sides of me.

Hops was fed his dinner while I brushed and handled him. He did very well.

Here are some clips from preschool class on Tuesday:
Now off to sleep, we have a trial in the morning!

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