Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 16

Hops slept through the night during his first hotel stay then had another full day at the agility trial with us. He had fun playing with a 5 month old sheltie and a 5 month old golden, and with his two sisters when they came to the trial. Fun! He was great with the noise again and the couple of things that were a little scary yesterday did not phase him today. Confidence will not be problem for this boy! He was once again able heel, hand target, do it’s your choice and pushups, loved being held and played with by different people, was not phased if he was left with someone new, and slept soundly in his crate despite the barking. He was also a good puppy during the ride home, falling asleep in his crate. Even though it will take a little while for him to grow into it, we found the perfect agility collar and leash that matches the puppy collar Elinda gave him. 176604_4246878165143_235761793_o
Love, Solar, Hops and Colleen
Hops and Colleen giving great attention
When we came home, Hops was full of it! Too much sleep I guess! He played with me played with Rice, did zoomies around the house, ran around the yard, and had a training lesson! We started with tug, waiting for sits to restart the game and adding in a little it’s your choice by moving the toy away from him after he sat. If he moved I removed the toy, if he stayed I released him to play. We then did it’s your choice with him in a down with food on the ground. By the end of the session I was able to toss kibble two feet away and he stayed until released. Smart puppy! We then did a handling session and he must have still been full of it because he had his first full on tantrum! My goodness! Even Rice and Dillon were concerned! He finally settled though and we worked through it. I think I need to be doing a minimum of one handling session a day!
Hops and his handsome daddy Solar

Being away from home this weekend definitely helped Hops potty better on leash. Other things he is improving on are waiting in the crate and Xpen to be released and I can now open the backdoor all the way with him still in a sit before releasing him to go out.

Before bed we played more tug and I remembered I have a chase it toy (a toy on a rope attached to a pole and handle) so not only was it fun for him to chase it around, but I could reel him and the toy back in to play tug with me each time he got the toy! A little later Hops started following me around and sitting, meaning he was hungry, so I had him do some pushups for some kibble. One more trip outside and we are all off to bed!

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