Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 7

Hops made the quite the fuss about being on leash to go potty this morning but I held my ground and when he finally peed I took the leash off and all 3 dog had a walk/play time in the yard. We played some tug then I gave Hops two food toys and left him in his Xpen to go grocery shopping. He was quiet when I returned so hopefully he was quiet the entire time.

Later Hops had his first clicker training session. We did 3 rounds of name click/treat (10 reps per round) then 10 reps of puppy pushups, clicking and treating for the position changes. I was using an i-click. I had tried a box clicker a few days ago and it seemed too loud for him for now.

Hops was well loved at the party : )
Hops had his Puppy Party today! 15 people, 3 adult dogs and 4 puppies came to play today. What fun we had! Hops loved playing with his sister Love and was sooo excited to see Elinda! Hops did great with all the dogs, played very hard and was happy to see every new person. He got to meet a variety of dogs, the adults he met were a large german shepherd Jazz, an aussie/bc mix Casper, and a goldendoodle named Sarah. The puppies he played with were his sister Love, an 8 week of great dane puppy Ali, a 5 month old small mix breed Finnigan and a 5 month old lab/shep mix Taffy. There is nothing quite like watching puppies play! Hops was able to show off his sits, downs, hand targeting and it's your choice games too. He had no trouble focusing with the new people and puppies around. I think the party was a success!
Peak-a-boo from under the dog walk!

The bigger dogs nicely frame the puppies playing in the middle!
Hops and Finnigan showing off their sits.

Hops was so tuckered out by the end of the party!

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