Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 19

Hops had a handling lesson for his breakfast and then played with Rice and Dillon before going to work with me.When we got there he played on a bosu ball, getting all four feet on it and even was even able to hold a sit for several seconds before falling off! He then did a bunch of recalls with me running away and rewarding him in heel with his toy. He even played some fetch! Woohoo! He brought back the toy I threw to play tug with me about 6 times! After the 6 retrieves he came back but did not bring the toy (much preferred to keeping or running away with it though!) so I stopped that game. Later we played the “come and get it” game. I said come and rewarded him when he came, then I said get it and tossed a treat so he moved away from me. When he ate the get it treat I said come again and rewarded when he came. We probably did that a dozen or so times as he loved the game! He also had fun playing with Taffy and some of the bigger puppies in my first class and at the end of the day he played with a very friendly 1yr old Papillion, Casper. Hops was once again quiet during classes, though he did talk to his toys a little bit :) 
Hops did some training for the camera for dinner tonight. He showed off his hand targeting, doing very well. The one time he did not touch my hand, I removed it and then brought it out again. When that did not work I  moved my hand back slightly when I represented it and he touched it then and from then on in the session. When I did not reward a touch Hops would offer me a second one!
We then did some it’s your choice. First I had him doing it in a sitting position. He had to keep his sit while I moved the treat away from him in my open hand, waiting form my release. He is doing very well with this.
Then he did it’s your choice in a down with me tossing the treat a short distance away. I rewarded mostly in position for this one, only releasing him at the end.
We ended with some pushups then I decided to start Hops’s first trick, roll over! He did very well with it, I was able to lure him into rolling over many times and very easily. Good puppy!


  1. I love this blog Sarah. I am doing similar work with Love but this blog helps me focus on correcdt execution of all of this fun. So glad you love Hops so much. He is so special to me.

  2. I am glad you are enjoying it and finding it useful! We do both love Hops very much!