Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 32

Hops played a real game of fetch this morning!! Yea! I tossed the toy toward the front door again stayed in the living room. He retrieved the toy to me, on purpose, about 15 times and I was able to convince him to bring it to me another 5 times. I traded him the toy for kibble each time he brought it back. I did not ask for a sit to restart the game, I just tossed the toy or held him back and tossed, telling him to get it. I am so happy with this session! Hopefully we can keep this up! Then we had a shaping session for face. He is getting much better at this and gave me lots of chin on ground behaviors to reward. I was even able to get a second or two of duration. Then we practiced roll over. He is definitely understanding this one. He is easily rolling over with a lure and a few times rolled with a hand signal only. We ended the training session with some hand touches and luring him into heel and side.

Taffy came over for a play date this afternoon. She and Hops had great time! They ran around the backyard, playing like crazy then came inside and played some more! Fun puppies!

Hops had his fourth preschool class this evening. I asked the entire class to not feed him during playtime and it really helped. He still went and visited all the people but he did not stay as long, he interacted with the other puppies lots more and played some. Jeremiah did a great job working him and had him walking on planks, downing on the table, doing it’s your choice and offering to go to and down on a mat. What good boys!

Jeremiah did a training session with Hops for his dinner. They worked on moving downs and wow if that pup could stop and down (on one verbal cue!) and stay down while Jeremiah walked away. Amazing! Then they worked on roll over, he is doing it easily without a lure now, face, play dead, sits and downs and it’s your choice.

Here are some of yesterday’s videos:

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