Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 25

Hops started his morning with a few push ups then he had a major zoomie session around the house. I guess after letting me sleep in (what a good puppy!) he had lots of energy to burn! He ran around and around, throwing himself at his tunnel, growling, barking, surfing around the living room on his toys, what a crazy funny puppy! After he calmed down I brushed him, rewarding him along the way and he was very good. We then did a bunch of puppy pushups. The challenge today was keeping position even with the treats above his head. Then we worked on lining up on each side of me. I started him in front of me and said heel, then lured him around to my left side and reward him in a sit there. I rewarded several times for him staying there then said front and lured him back to front position. I repeated that about a dozen times then repeated the session on my right side with the cue side. We ended the training session with shaping him to put his head through a harness, a cape, an agility collar and a nose loop. He definitely understands what I want and is putting his head through even further than before. Though he is improving, this is still not his favorite exercise.

Hops had his first visit to a non dog store today. I put on his little service dog in training vest and took him into Rite Aid with me. He did great with the auto doors opening and got so wiggly with the first people he saw (mom and little kid) that I picked him up for a moment to make sure he did not piddle in excitement! He then heeled though the store, did a sit stay in front of some employees then was released to say hello. He did so with minimal wiggling : ) He then heeled to the back of the store and waited in line with me to get my meds then heeled out of the store. He was great!

266879_4284390022916_355762523_o Hops had his third night of preschool tonight. Overall he did very well though he started the night by peeing all over because he was sooo excited to see Elinda! He did great with trotting through the ladder, doggie zen, it’s your choice and sitting. What he did not do well was play with the other puppies. During playtimes he was mainly interested in working all the human cookie dispensers. He knew just how they operated. Sit in front of them and they give you a cookie! Stand up and sit again and they give you another cookie! There were a bunch of kids in the class and he did great with them. They were just mini human cookie dispensers! Next week I think I need to feed him before class and put an end to cookies during playtime!
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Hops had a handling session for his dinner. He is so much more relaxed than he used to be! I can inspect his teeth, hold his muzzle, look in his ears and and eyes, play with his paws and legs and tail, all wile he is lying upside down in my lap and he is calm. I then trimmed the hair between his toes and around his pads for the first time. He was pretty good about it though fussy at times. I fed him after every trim with the scissors. Not bad at all for his first time!

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