Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 29

Hops started his day with his second outing to Petco. He was a little unsure the first time he went there but was very confident this time. He took no notice of the freezer unit today and there was nothing that frightened him. He offered to climb on metal stairs, plastic stairs, a plastic stool and cat furniture. He had lots of fun with the cat furniture! He went climbing all over and when he would find a platform he would down and look to me for a cookie like he was on the agility table! He met a woman with antlers on and was unsure for the first second then happily went up to say hello. We went there for a puppy play time but the only other puppy that showed up was a brand new mini schnauzer puppy that was not even sure about walking around let alone playing. We all sat on the floor though and Hops and the puppy sniffed each other some and Hops was very gentle. On the way out Hops confidently said hello to a large golden retriever. photo 3

photo 2 The sun was actually shinning today so the whole family went for a walk in the neighborhood. Jeremiah handled Rice and Dillon and I walked Hops. I again had him on his harness so I did not mind if he pulled. He was so much more confident on this walk than the last one. I never carried him, he walked past the cars on he busy road without a problem and with his ears forward. Last time we came across a few kids, this time they were everywhere! The first two we came across were of course, noisy young boys on noisy bicycles. Hops was pretty sure the were out to get him as they came toward him. He gave a couple of little growls and I picked him up and gave him a bunch of treats. The boys were interested in him so I asked if they would be willing to hold still for a little while so Hops could get used to them. They said yes then promptly started moving around (at a lower speed at least)! I continued to feed Hops while they moved and he grew more comfortable. The boys’ father called them over (in the direction we were heading) and when we reached them Hops took some treats from the boys. After checking out a bicycle that was on the ground, he started to perch on it to ask for treats. Good puppy! That seems to be pretty common for him now, something might be scary at first but it soon turns into something to interact with. He said hello to a woman and an pre teen girl, going right up to them, wanting to be petted. He was good with the barking dogs he heard, he noticed them but did not spook. He offered me lots of attention while while walking and could easily sit and down. He did very well with all the kids running around we saw from a distance.

192588_4300505905803_120826526_o For part of his dinner Hops had a posing session for the camera. We put our Christmas tree up tonight so of course we put reindeer hats on the boys and took photos of them in front of the tree. The sessions I have had with Hops teaching him to put his head though different holes was immensely helpful. Hops did not fight the hat at all. Any time I offered it to him he put his nose though the hole. Such a good puppy. He also did very well staying with the boys while Jeremiah took a bunch of photos. They were all so cute!



  1. I just had to say how very much I enjoyed the pictures today. I am not a dog trainer, but I love this blog. First thing I read every morning. Hops is amazing.

  2. Love every blog. So proud of you guys.

  3. Every dog owner (well, boy dog owner) identifies with the Xpen around the tree....I think our new house needs a REAL tree...which means it'll have an X pen around it :)