Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 33

Hops went to work with me again today. I had him do some recalls before the first class then had him in the car during it, then he was in the crate in the classroom for the other four classes. He was great in the crate all day, only a little fussy at the end of the last class. He came out between classes to potty and play and came out during some of them to do demos. He demoed adding duration to the face behavior, adding distance to putting his head in a basket and going around a cone. After classes Hops got to meet two little girls who gave him treats. He was a little wary of them and their fast movements but improved while the visited and they petted him before they left. I stopped by the bank on he way home and took Hops in with me. He walked in well, said hello to the teller and waited calmly during he transaction. When we arrived home he grabbed a nylabone, went to a dog bed and started chewing on it. Such a good puppy!

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