Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 15

Hops slept through his first longish (1.5hrs) car ride to Elma this morning to go to a USDAA trial with us. He had no issues with all the noise inside, slept in his crate whenever we put him in there, met lots of new people, said hello to big dogs, played tug with a very nice adult brittany and played with some other puppies! Just like yesterday, he was able to heel in the new, busy environment (I am not asking him to heel, he offers to!). He easily showed off his hand targeting, it’s your choice and push up skills. He even pottied on leash outside all day with no problem, whew! He did great with his first elevator ride and is now playing with Rice in the hotel room. He is such a good puppy, I sure hope he keeps it up!
For Hops’s dinner Jeremiah and I played our recall game for the first time with him. We sat on opposite sides of the room (for the big boys we do opposite sides of the yard) and called him back and forth. I love this game because it works on so many things at once including name response, recall, collar grabs, where’s (mom/dad) and coming away from distractions (whoever he is with at that moment and their food). He did a great job with the game and did over 2 dozen recalls before he pooped out. Hopefully he will sleep well now!

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