Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 35

Hops did a wonderful job at the agility trial today. He slept in his crate in my car when I left him there, he walked great on leash around Argus, said hello to many different different dogs and was loved on by many different people. Hops just loves people! He was really good about sitting and not jumping up right away. He also was held by many people and I had a few of them do some handling and Hops handled it very well, no fussing! Hops was easily able to heel, do pushups, hand targets and name response and offered face many times! Curled up or upside down, Hops was able to completely relax in my lap while I watched people run their dogs. Very good puppy!


When we arrived home, Sarah, the first of two boarding dogs coming tonight was waiting for us. Hops had met her at his puppy party and he just loves her! He followed her around and played and played with her. She is a very gentle dog (a golden doodle) and played so nicely with Hops. A few hours later, Libby the second boarding dog arrived. She is about nine months and is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Hops has met her a work before and he was very happy to see her and of course the humans that came with her! Everybody played again and now everyone is sound asleep!

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