Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 36

Hops stayed home with Jeremiah today while the boys and I went to the trial. When we came home Renee and Taffy came over for a play date and all the dogs played together. We did a little training too, working on coming out of play, collar grabs and group stays.


Later for dinner, Hops had his first shaping session to back up. I started by sitting on the ground with Hops in front of me, facing me, with the mats at the backdoor just behind him. I held treats at his nose level to help him not down and waited. I clicked any random movement backward and tossed the treat between his legs to reward him so he often took another step back to get the cookie. If he did step back again I rewarded again. I then had him do some pushups, heel and sides and roll overs. We ended with a bunch of collar grabs. Sometimes I rewarded as soon as I touched his collar, sometimes I moved him a little before rewarding.

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