Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 55

I forgot that I also practiced heeling and recalls with food on the ground as a distraction last night. With the heeling I waited for attention before rewarding, never asked for it, and asked for longer periods of attention before rewarding as the lesson continued. He did great with the recalls, never going for the food on the ground.


This morning I started with a take lesson. I began with the handle in my hand, working on him holding it in my hand (the end of he retrieve behavior chain, releasing is the very last piece of course). He did okay with that but it seems I have accidentally built in a little bit of backing along with the taking, not good… Then I put he handle on the ground and he has definitely improved there, lifting the handle high every time and many times getting it right to my hand. Good puppy! We played some tug then I shaped him to get on and in a bowl. It seems like a new exercise every time we do it, I think because he is growing so quickly! He did manage to get in the bowl several times and on he bowl many times which was easier for him. We played tug again to end the training session.


Hops went to work with me as usual. He was so quiet all day. Most of the time when I looked his way he was curled up in his crate sleeping. He greeted dogs and people between classes and as usual loved everyone. After the last class Hops had a play time with a four year old BC Seek and a nine week old BC Riser. At first Seek, Rice and Hops played then as Riser became more comfortable he and Hops played. It is so fun to watch puppies play!


For his dinner Jeremiah practiced heeling and Hops showed that he needs more practice with other people! He improved as they went though. I then did crates games and was able to send him to a crate in one room from other adjacent rooms! He has had a set back today about taking treats gently and I am not sure why…


More size comparison photos: 7 weeks then 14 weeks, wow!

178157_4177254504595_2052793180_o(1) Hopscapepic2

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