Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Da 40

Hops had a long day at work with me. I went in a little early to play with him and had him retrieving his ball on a rope on the agility side. He also ran through a 20ft tunnel to chase me and play tug on the other side a half dozen times or so. He just loves the table. One time I was focused on something else and turned around to see him 30ft away from me, doing a down on he table! Good puppy! He greeted the dogs and people coming into my first class then went into the car for a nap. After the first class we played some fetch on the matted side and did recalls. His fetch at work is going pretty well as long as he is not too hungry and it helps if I run away from him. He is bringing it right to me though, without me having to beg : ) During the next class, as a distraction, Hops was a “cone” with me. Meaning he did a stay in heel while the class heeled around us. He was great and paid very little attention to the people and dogs walking and trotting past him. Throughout the day he balanced on a peanut, on a plank on stools and on a plank on balance disks, played with different puppies in different classes and practiced coming into heel, heeling, sits and downs, touches, face, roll over and releases. When we were on the matted side I once again had his crate uncovered so he could see the class. He was quiet almost all of the time. I remember asking him to be quiet 3 times throughout the day and he quieted each time. He is such a good puppy!

Hops came with me to agility class tonight and I discovered a great way to work on flat work. I had him walk with me while I walked the courses. So when I did a front cross, I rewarded, pull, reward, decel, reward, etc, how cool! His focus was spot on too! Hops was able to spend a little time with his sisters as both their owners take classes in Buckley and had brought them. Hops also greeted two adult border collies and a friendly boston terrier adult. He was loved on by everyone and was great about being carried around by others. He went through a dark curved tunnel with no problem with me on the inside of the curve but I need to train the outside too it seems. He climbed up on a tall plastic step stool too. It had just two steps but they were really big. It took some work for him but he was going up and down it easily before the end of class. He was crated in the car while I ran the boys and was always quiet when I came and left. Good puppy!

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