Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Day 60

334146_4446353551903_848904070_oMerry Christmas! Everyone here had a great Christmas. All three boys have lots of new toys and treats and had a fun day of playing and chewing. Hops had his breakfast in a food toy and the only training during the first part of the day were some recalls while Rice and Dillon retrieved toys in the yard. He did great if he was already coming in but had some trouble if we had not yet thrown Dillon’s toy. We could get him to come in but he did not always come right away. We will have to work on it! 

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Hops has been with us two months now and he has learned so much! Words he knows now are: Hops, come, sit, down, stand, touch, release, roll, get it, kennel, heel, side, leave it, drop, face and hurry. Behaviors he knows that either do not have a verbal cue or he does not know the verbal cue yet are: back, say hello, sit and down stays (with distractions of other dogs playing, me running away with a toy, tossing a toy, tossing food, distance of about 30 feet, duration depends on distractions (2 to 60sec between cookies)), walking through a ladder, walking/running across a plank, tipping tippy boards, perch work, balancing on peanuts and balance disks and stools, recall with distractions (other dogs running, food and toys on floor, person he is with has food), heeling with the four basic agility turns as well as responding to deceleration and acceleration, go to bed, go around (with the distraction of me running away), tug, go to the door if you have to potty, 10 cookie stretches, tunnel, chute, auto down on agility table, calmly allows handling, crate games, sit and wait at back door before going in and out, rides quietly in the car, potties on leash, sleeps through the night, and he knows birch and has an alert. Behaviors he is learning that he does not know yet: Get out of the kitchen, retrieve, stay, and hold. I am sure there are some I am forgetting but boy has Hops learned a lot in two months!! Smart puppy!

To end the day I played some tug with Hops, incorporating stays and recalls to heel with the toy as a distraction. He did great!

Good, tired boys!

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