Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 65

Hops again went to the trial in Elma with us today and was again good in the car, crate and on leash. He did more cuddling in laps and more socializing with people and dogs. He and his sister Colleen even played a little.


When we came home we played in the yard then played tug. Next I did some training with the toy, using it as a distraction when leaving Hops in a stay and when calling him to heel. When he made correct choices and came to me, not the toy, I released him to the toy or gave it to him and we played tug. Then I used my new dremel to file Hops’s nails and he did a pretty good job. He did some fussing but Jeremiah fed him and he let me file all his nails. A bath was next on the agenda and Hops surprised us by standing still for the entire bath! He was perfect even though he was not enjoying it. Even when we washed his face he was calm. What a great puppy!

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