Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 47

Hops went to work with me today and had a blast chasing Rice around the arena before my first class. He was uncovered all day when he was crated and was quiet 99% of the time. The one time he made noise I told him to be quiet and he went to the back of the crate and went to sleep. Good boy! He said hello to people and dogs between classes and did some playing and practicing too. On the way home we stopped by the bank and he chilled on the counter during the transaction. Hops continues to be calm and quiet in the car too.

We did a bunch of nosework with all three boys tonight. We started with containers with each dog then had them do seven interior hides in a row, one per room, all easy, accessible hides. There was one that was a little more difficult for Hops as it was higher than he has done in the house, about two feet up on the corner of a cupboard. His nose was high the entire time he searched and he did not give up until he found it! A couple of the hides he went straight to and downed, the others he searched for a little while but found them pretty quickly.

Birch, in a plastic tube, in the bottom of the collapsed ready jump.
Birch, in a tin, on the leg of the easel, near the bottom.
Birch, in a chap stick container, top off, behind the wheel of the bed.

I played some it’s your choice with tug this evening with Hops. I asked for a sit, let out, wiggled the toy, then released him to play. He did great with the toy being swung around but made a few mistakes when I ran away with the toy. He always stayed in the game though and was soon able to sit until I said release when I ran away with the toy. Smart puppy! I also did some collar grabs with fetch (grab collar, toss toy, say, reeaadyy, get it! and let go!). After the first two he got smart and tried to run out to where I was tossing the toy. I did not toss but called him back, grabbed his collar then tossed. As he started to understand the criteria, I kept my hand near my leg instead of reaching out for his collar. It took him a few times but he soon learned to bring his collar to my hand so I would toss the toy! I love this puppy!

For the rest of his dinner Hops worked on various it's your choice exercises (food on his paws and surrounding him, tossing kibble, releasing him to one kibble on the ground but not another, etc), rolling over, hand targeting and say hello. Something really clicked for him tonight with say hello. He is now quickly and easily lifting his paws when I reach for them, no touching needed, good boy!

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