Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 44

297514_4365033198945_636271527_n Hops did great at the trial once again. He was fantastic with all the people and dogs and got to know a huge dobie puppy. On the way home we stopped by Target for some shopping and took Hops in with us. He was little overwhelmed but did a great job. He heeled the entire time while walking around and best of all he met several calm children who fed and petted him. He is doing much better with kids and was only a little afraid of them, no trying to back away. What was really funny is that when we stopped the cart, Hops discovered that the bottom was like an agility table! He climbed up, downed and waited for his cookie! Silly puppy!

Hops had a back session for part of his dinner. He did a fabulous job, backing over six feet, straight most of the time to the mat behind him. He still lowers his head when he really concentrates about backing. Very cute! I have started to name the behavior just before he does it now. He also had a take session and he seemed to have crossed over the threshold from thinking take is stupid to thinking this it kind of cool. I pick something up and mom treats me! We also had a nice game of fetch. I threw the toy different directions around the house and he brought I right back every time! I traded him for a treat and threw the toy again. What a good puppy!

Later Hops had another bath. He was pretty darn funny. When we started filling the tub, he used his new backing skills to get away from the approaching water. He ended up with his back feet up on the edge of the tub and only his front feet in he water! He was good for the bath though and earlier was very calm when I introduced a small electric hair trimmer to trim the hair on his paws.

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Before bed Hops had a roll lesson. About two dozen times in a row, I said roll (while he was in a down), paused a moment, then gave him the roll hand signal that he knows. Then I tested him by saying roll and not giving him the signal. He scooted back a little, put his head down, but did not roll over. I said the word then signaled a few more times then tested him again and he rolled over all on his own! What a smart boy! I gave him a jackpot and ended he lesson there!

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  1. Thanks for sharing such cute pictures of Hops. I so enjoy your blog.