Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 42

Hops went to the trial at Argus today with me and the boys. He was once again great, nothing there bothered him and he could completely relax while upside down in my lap while I watched people run their dogs. He snoozed in the car, greeted other dogs and puppies, loved every person he met and was comfortable being left with other people. He practiced going around cones, doing push ups and heeling.


For Hops’s dinner we played the recall game with him inside. I called him and rewarded then Jeremiah called and rewarded. Sometimes we sent him back to the other right away, sometimes we had him do sits/downs/stands/rollovers/touches/heels/etc. before sending him on. He did great with the game.


Later on we did a bunch of nosework, starting with boxes then doing a dozen simple interior searches. He did a pretty good job. Something new for his interior searches was lingering odor as we did the same rooms twice, moving the hide between searches. He got better at moving on and heading toward the new source as he went. Once he found source he stayed with it too. Good puppy!

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