Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 53

Snow! We woke up to about two inches of snow this morning and Hops had a blast playing it, running in it and of course, eating it! First he played with Rice and Dillon then Taffy came over and he played some more with her!



Hops slept most of he day after playing in the snow and earned his dinner by playing crate games. The focus tonight was naming it kennel, adding distance, working different angles and staying in without being cued. He did a great job. A couple of times when I moved to the side of the crate he had trouble finding the crate door but I waited ad he figured it out. A good reminder that they often do not generalize well and to change things up in training! He did great about remaining in the crate until released, breaking a couple of times but usually, once he ate the kibble for going into the crate he turned around and waited at the door. Good puppy!

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  1. Cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed the slide show. Here in Eugene, OR we don't get much snow but we had some earlier this week. I really miss having my boy around as he always loved the snow so much. Loved the shots of the boys all posing together in teh snow.