Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 64

Hops went to the trial in Elma with us today and was great as usual. He slept in the car and when crated at the trial. He walked well on leash and was able to do all his tricks. He loved cuddling on anyone’s lap and even walked right up onto a stranger’s lap when we were walking down the bleachers! He was good with all the dogs he met and he even said hello to his dad, Solar. This was Hops’s second time in Elma. His first time he was able to go up the stairs to get to the bleachers but not down (they are big stairs). He had no problem going up or down then this time but he was a little afraid of the top of the bleachers which he was not afraid of last time. He was able to work through it though and walk up to the top and along the top row and became more comfortable as the weekend went on.


When we arrived home Hops and I played tug then Jeremiah and I called him back and forth. We were surprised because for the first time he totally snubbed Jeremiah! We both had kibble and when Jeremiah called him then asked him to down he ran back to me (I did not reward him). I gave Jeremiah some treats and Hops did the same thing! It finally took Jeremiah having cheese and me having kibble to get Hops to run back and forth when called and do things for us when he got to us. Hops definitely needs to work more with people other than me!


Hops is now big enough to jump up onto the couch and to safely jump off of it so we have not been quite as watchful when he is up there with us (he is only allowed up when invited). Good thing were were paying attention tonight though as he just tried to jump off the back of the couch! He is definitely not big enough for that! Good catch Jeremiah!

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