Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 38

Hops was great at work this morning. He met a couple of puppies when we arrived then did some recalls before my first lesson. He was in his crate during the lesson and talked a little to his toys in the beginning then fell asleep for the rest of the hour. Afterward we did more recalls and some tunnels and tables. I also started working on moving sits and downs and he was just amazing. He made some mistakes but he was able to stop and sit or down and stay while I kept moving. Wow! I am not using a stay or wait cue, just sit or down. When he stayed, I alternated releasing him to me for a reward and going back to him to reward. When releasing him I am making sure he is going on the verbal cue, not on any motion of mine. Next he was awake for entire 1.5 hour agility class but was just quietly lying down in his crate the entire time. I kept checking on him, expecting him to be asleep because he was so quiet but he was always awake. I dropped kibble in the crate to reward him throughout the class.

Hops had a big day a work in the evening with me. To start with, only one person signed up for my intro to odor class so I signed Hops up for it so the class could run. He did great with the tall boxes, shoes and cones as containers, having no problem generalizing containers. He seemed to know what he was doing from the start and did great with sticking with the odor when he found it.  During the next class he stayed in his crate and I tried having the crate uncovered so he could see the class. He cried a little but if I told him to be quiet he did and I rewarded him often for being quiet which he was the majority of the time. The next class was fun and focus one and Hops was also in it, with Jeremiah handling him this time. He did a great job with the plank, the ladder, perch work, hand targets, crate games, and stool work. He needs work on tugging in a class environment and with food around and needs work with heeling with distractions. It was not the other puppies that were distractions for him though, it was the equipment! Jeremiah did a great job with him, being very patient and consistent. It is a great class with six puppies in it and all the handlers are great with their dogs. For the last class one of the observers kept Hops out and rewarded him for being held and for doing down stays next to him. Hops was so calm and controlled while the dogs in class ran but would quickly become fired up if I brought him out to play tug with me. Perfect!

Here are some photos from last Tuesday’s preschool class.
The class was asked to not feed Hops during play time (so he would play with the other puppies and not beg), cute photo with everyone turning away!
Hops's sister Love tackling him!

Cute, confident Hops!
Look what I can do! Will you give me a treat?

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